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Cooking with Gas

We spent the weekend of the 4th of July, while all my American friends and family were celebrating, installing an LPG system. It was a very productive weekend, minus the fireworks.

We have gone for a 45L underslung tank. It is neatly tucked under the chassis where it doesn't take up valued storage space inside the van. It has an electrical gas cutout switch which is located on the main instrument panel in the van and a gas level gauge, also on the instrument panel, so that we can monitor our gas usage from the comfort of the van. We are only using the gas for cooking, so it should last a long time.

Installation was fairly straightforward. Secure tank to the chassis, gas hose in, gas pipe out, regulator (to make sure the pressure is correct) and gauges. That meant more holes to drill in the van. 4 holes through the van floor to secure the tank, 1 into the side of the van for the filler hose, and 2 more through the floor of the van for the copper pipe that goes to the Bosch 2 burner hob and the electrical senders that go to the instrument panel.

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