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Restoration, Conservation & Conversion

Vanaheim was used by a roofing company and it looked well used. Mike could tell that under the dirt and few dents that it was structurally sound. "Nothing that a good clean and polish couldn't fix".

He completely stripped the cab interior. Only the steering wheel was in place. All the plastic pieces were scrubbed, seats were taken apart and pressure washed, the rubber floor was removed and cleaned. We added sound proofing on the floors and replaced the rubber mat floor. Because this was the highest spec for a work van, it had lots of cup holders, cubbies and a pull out map board.

The cab was reassembled with some lovely little upgrades, velvet lined phone holder and kidskin leather gear shift gator.

We removed the roof rack because it would need to be modified to accommodate the 575 watts of solar panels! All of the cross bars were replaced and the whole rack was repainted. Additional modifications to the rack needed to be made for a 'sky light' roof window that we added as well as a MaxxAir fan and a chimney for the Cubic Mini Woodstove. (more about those later!)

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