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Picking up the pace.

It was a long and what felt like an unproductive summer. I was in Arizona (for the hottest part of the year) from June to August, looking after my Dad. Mike had to stay in the UK since only American citizens were allowed to travel to the US. Hooray for dual citizenship.

Mike carried on with the van build, working on the electrical system, the water system and fabricating an amazing spare tyre mount on one of the rear doors. As essential as an electrical system is to the comfort of living in a van, there isn't much exciting to take pictures of. We have lights and electrical sockets!

Now that I am back in the UK, we have "picked up the pace" on the conversion. We finally found fabric for the bench seats. The original colour that we liked was not available and unlikely to become available, so we found a suitable alternative. Yay - Fabric ordered!

Measure, measure and measure again. We triple checked the measurements for the foam cushions that would be the bench seats by day and our bed by night. We went for a medium firm foam and memory foam combination and an additional 1" memory foam topper for ease of making the bed each night. Foam has been ordered!

The Fiamma awning also arrived this week - all 4 meters of it! Installation looks fairly straight forward as long as we can borrow a fork lift truck to lift it into place. Adding this one to the 'Still To Do' list.

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