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Scrub those floors!

We wanted to use the original floor as a template for the new subfloor that we would be adding. We removed the floor in one piece but then cut it in half, to make it easier to handle, it is 4 meters long!

The original wood floor didn't look bad, we could see where the roofers had a few accidental spills.

The fridge we ordered from Curry's was delivered and we couldn't resist putting it in place.

We expected dirt and the odd roofing nail and screw but the roofing tar was more than we expected.

Several hours of elbow grease, brake cleaning fluid and possibly a bit of petrol cleaned off most of the tar. Fairly certain it actually took the entire weekend to clean the floors.

Floors cleaned and zinc primer was used over areas where the paint was scratched and worn through.

The floors were then given a lovely new coat of white paint.

Next was a foiled foam insulation sealed at all joints and edges with aluminium tape to form a vapour barrier. A thin layer of foam underlay was added next to further flatten the floor and to stop the floor from squeaking and then the hard wood faced plywood flooring.

Another layer of thin foam and the walnut laminate floor will be added after we make a few more modifications to the inside of the van. Stay Tuned!

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