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The work continues...

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The build is still ongoing but that hasn't stopped us from taking Vanaheim on a couple of outings. But first there were a few basic maintenance projects to take care of. New brakes on the front, (rear wheels are next), new propshaft centre mounts, a bit of grease over the brake pipes to keep moisture and rust off and we passed the MOT!

The first trip out was to Cadwell Park for a bit of HSCC racing with the 70s Road Sports. We are still support staff and spectators as the Ford Capri 3.1 isn't quite ready for its racing debut yet. So many projects!! We had a fabulous time celebrating the Jubilee Weekend.

The very next weekend we were off to Plymouth for a weekend of family fun (and house moving). We stayed at a wonderful campground - Riverside Caravan Park near Marsh Mills. Despite being just off the A38, it was so quiet, no road noise at all. It was clear that if you didn't have a dog with you, something was wrong. Luckily Bailee, our Border Collie/English Setter was with us, so we settled in perfectly. There was a lovely walk along the River Plym popular with all the dog owners. We will definitely be returning to Riverside Caravan Park whenever we are in Plymouth.

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