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Time to cut some holes

It can be very scary to think about cutting very large holes in a perfectly good wall. That is exactly what we did!

Van Pimps ( carried the windows for our 2011 Vauxhall Movano LWB. The sliding door window is fixed and the off-side window will open to let a lovely breeze through.

Deciding on which windows to get (opening or fixed) is the easy part. The nerves kick in when it's time to actually cut a hole in the van.

That first cut even after measuring, measuring and measuring again was a bit nerve wracking.

A hole saw is used to make that first initial cut.

An air powered hack saw was used to cut the rest of the soon to be window.

And now we have a a very large hole in our sliding door.

That is a mock up of what the Galley might look like. Nothing like a bit of cardboard to help visualise what our tiny home will look like.

Glass is prepped, edge trim is added around the opening (you might need a rubber mallet), the primer is applied, then the bonding sealant and then a deep breath. Place the glass, tape it into place and then left it over night to set.

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Looking very good MxD, and it all started off with a little white peddal car. M&D

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