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When things happen that are out of our control

It's been a while since I've posted anything, that's not because the work has slowed down, on the contrary. Mike is still very much carrying on with the build. I, however, have been called away on a family emergency. My Father has been diagnosed with cancer, so I'm currently in Yuma Arizona while he goes through Cancer Treatments and surgery. Not what any of us would choose, but here we are and we will carry on.

So, what exactly has Mike been up to while I'm away? LOTS!!

  1. He has fabricated a spare wheel mount that will bolt on the rear door and its hinges. Originally the spare wheel was mounted under the rear floor, but had to e moved to make way for the two water tanks. The wheel weighs a fairly hefty 25kg, so the mount needed to be strong enough to support the load without transmitting any of it onto the door itself. Mike machined hinge adaptors from stainless steel to get a perfect fir for the M12 fasteners to ensure no movement on the hinges. It is just waiting for paint.... White to match the van, grey to match the wheels or black to match the roof rack???

  2. Electrics: The three solar panels are now wired in through the roof to a breaker switch and onto the MPPT. They are wired in series and initial tests at the breaker with a volt meter show they are providing 66v on an overcast day...looks promising for free energy! A 240v AC consumer unit installed and the RCD and MCB's are all wired with power coming from the Victron inverter charger unit. Next will be the 12v which means, internal/external lighting, floor and diesel heating and USB points everywhere.

  3. Plumbing. The clarifier, expansion tanks, water pump and fresh water filter are connected for hot, cold and drinking water. Pipes run to the shower and the sink, ready for when these units are installed.

  4. Gardening. He has been taking very good care of all my plants. The green peppers are growing nicely, the tomatoes are flowering, my Cilantro has gone to seed (now its Coriander)

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