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It's always the little things.

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Work is continuing, slow and steady. Most of the progress has been behind the scenes or under the van. The 2 fresh water tanks have now been fitted, all the connections are water tight. Who would have guessed that something as little as the correct size jubilee clip could mean so much. The tanks have been insulated and fitted with a water level sensor, so we should never run out of fresh water.

The wood for the what will be the bench seats / bed has been cut to size and attached to the aluminium framing. The benches have hinged tops with gas rams to keep the lids up to allow safe access to either the water or the electrical systems. The foam for the cushions / bed has also arrived and are waiting to have the covers made.

The electrical system is 90% finished, just a couple of USB sockets, another 240 volt socket, the "you'll be able to see us from the moon" outdoor lights and a CCTV system. Once the electric is complete, it will be time to take out all the extrusion framing and start insulating and putting up the walls. Time for some immediate gratification work.

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