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Powered by the Sun

After lots of research and discussions about how much power we will need. We decided to get as much solar as Vanaheim could carry. 3 - 175watt Victron Blue Solar Mono crystalline panels. That's 525 watts of power!!

Delivery day was very exciting but the van isn't quite ready for installation yet.

A few weeks later and.....

The installation begins!!

The brackets were all fabricated by Mike using aluminium strips and formed around the cross bars on the roof rack. The brackets were bolted to the aluminium extrusion and the solar panels were bolted to the extrusion. This allows us to get the panels centered and should make for a straight forward process if a panel needs to be removed.

Where does all that solar power go until we need it??? Two 150 amp hour Lithium batteries which are Bluetooth enabled which means we can monitor their performance from our phones and / or tablets. How cool is that?!

We will get into more detail about the electrics later. Stay Tuned

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